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We would like to thank you so much for your kindness and support to our daughter. She has been through a very difficult time recently and having you as her Barrister, providing her with confidence to move forward, has been a tremendous help to us too. We had complete confidence in you and are so grateful.

Evalina and Steven

It was so lovely to meet you last week, and you gave us hope that there IS life for after divorce. We really appreciate all your help and support, very warmest of wishes from us both. 
Take care lovely lady. 

  Sharon & Mark

Phillip: North London 2017

I had not seen my children for 8 months. I was down and depressed. I could not get legal aid and had no money. A friend told me about Mary Bullen. I gave her a call on one of my very down days. Could not believe it. Within days she helped me fill out a C100 form and within had contact with my children. 2014 was the best Christmas ever! Fathers out there, listen to her because she can help!!

Liberty Entertainments
I have called on Mary on several occasions, twice to act for my Partner & to ask her advice. There is no one my Family & I would trust more to represent or advise us on the Law. She has been a rock us & has been & continues to be a huge influence on our lives on both a Professional & personal level.Of she was the Barrister who really won the case for Stella English against Alan Sugar.
 cannot recommend her highly enough, she is a brilliant Barrister & an amazing lady: Eddie Daniels at Liberty Entertainments. 
Stella English winner of the Apprentice wins her case
brought by Lord Sugar and said:
No words can articulate how grateful I am to Mary. You really did help me at such a low point. I will never forget it. Your ever thankful friend  Stella.
Antonia M. Hampshire: 2016
I really appreciate the extra time you have spent explaining the legal points with me on the ‘phone it is really you to spend so much of your private time with me.
 Anthony A London Taxi Driver: Feb 2013 
went to a solicitor and he told me to plead guilty to three offences. Ok, the prosecution evidence was against me. After talking to you, and asking you to come to court and deal with my case, I pleaded guilty to one offence, and the prosecution dropped the other two.With you, I can continue to earn my living by driving another day! Thank Mary!  I cannot believe you did all this for £350. Afterwards, I went home and worked it out with the wife. You saved me, my job and £700. Not to mention marriage!
Rita G: London 2012 
Thanks for phoning back Mary, it is much appreciated. The kindness and goodness of strangers and brilliant lawyers is a blessing,  good karma.  
Anna B: Salisbury 2011
Just want to say a massive Thank such a bad contract and settling the financial problems! a star! Thanks again Anna.
Lisa Baily: Woking 2010 
Mary, thank you so much for all your help with my case. You have so many qualities Mary; dedication being just one! Again, Thank You. Lisa B 
 James A: Berkshire 2009
 I thought it was I wrote to you to express my thanks for acting on my behalf at my court appearance. You made the whole experience bearable and I am sure my sentencing would have been much harsher had I not had you there to plead my case. Thank Mary.